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To honor and preserve the history of the significant contributions made by Africans to world history and the the creation of modern day civilization, specifically to the United States of America.


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The Memorial will be conceived as a site for discussion, education, and contemplation.


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To leave behind a lasting legacy that will educate current and future generations on the importance and the critical role of the resilience and endurance of the enslaved African and the major impact they had in the building of the Americas.


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To create a site that will reflect the memory of the enslaved African specifically in Bergen County, NJ that invites reflection and fresh discovery without provoking paralysis or shame.

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Built on the bodies of slaves: how Africa was erased from the history of the modern world
The creation of the modern, interconnected world is generally credited to European pioneers. But Africa was the wellspring for almost everything they achieved – and African lives were the terrible cost
by Howard W French